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This site will be soon frozen by Tripod unless I pay the ransom required to remain at this formerly free location.  I will leave this site intact as an historical record of our first ten years of golf, fellowship and fun.  I will slowly post the best parts from this site to our new Facebook page.  God Bless!

Tony Carpenito
February 15, 2015




Please join us every April and October for a day of fellowship and fun. Some say that "it’s just golf", but it’s much more than that … It’s a great time !

"In the beginning, the sphere was small and white,
without color and without movement and without life.
And then it was said 'Let there be flight'
and there was flight."

Our original golf outing in April 2005 drew twenty members and friends of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church. In each outing since, we've attracted comparable numbers. Modest totals by most standards … except ours!

All told, we've shared many laughs, sometimes at the expense of our playing partners, enjoyed the thankfully reasonable weather and excellent course conditions … and lost a lot of golf balls!

"And upon the last stroke, they ventured ‘fore’
into the wilderness in search of the small white sphere.
And they soon found that it was good."

Plus, after each outing’s dust (bunker sand) had settled, enough funds remained to donate in total to date over $3000 to Saint Mark’s!

Recent participating golfers included Don Anctil, Mike and Tony Carpenito, Fr. Jim and Eric Craig, Anthony, Justin and Terry Downing, Cory and Jason Dupuis, Rollie Gagne, Mike, Dayna and Rich Hume, Herschel and Lynn Jones, Roger LaPointe, Roland L’Homme and Woody Martin.

Ask them about the golf, the laughs, and the prizes ... if you have the time. We golfers always have plenty of stories to tell !


Click on Photo for April 2013 Outing YouTube Video Link

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