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The Last Shall Indeed Be First

Our latest autumnal trek into the wilderness was truly a test for the ages.  If one could dismiss the bleak early morning news that our requested tee time reservations could not be found in the pro shop register, and one also ignored the equally disappointing revelation that the anticipated significant greens fee discount was not available as expected, then it was a fine day of golf indeed!

We did overcome the aforementioned obstacles set in our intended path and eventually moved out onto the green pastures … and we teed off directly into the rising sun's blinding light.  Our journey over the hills and valleys was long and cold and tedious, but at least it didn’t rain!

Our longstanding counterintuitive standards remained unchanged as wayward ball strikes, which would normally garner severe penalties, earned positive recognition.  Sorrowful efforts such as steering golf balls into ponds, rivers, bunkers and trees, off the course property, and just losing balls in general, or completely missing intended swings as well as putting to excess, actually gained positive returns in cash prizes.  So we would not otherwise lose touch with reality, the skill of landing teed balls closest to the flagsticks was still rewarded.  Many times over, the last were certainly first again.

We had nearly three times as many participants as last year and the numerous award winners included Mike Nugent (The Last Shall Be First), Bob Gaudreau (Footprints in the Sand), Tony Carpenito (The Serpent on the Grass), Cory Dupuis (To Till the Earth) and Don Gionet (The Wings of a Prayer).  Fr. Jim Craig and Woody Martin shared the Inherit the Wind award.  Mike Hume earned four honors (Walk on Water, Once Was Lost, The Valley of Shadows, and The Tree of Knowledge).  Don Anctil, Bob Gaudreau and John Horgan shared The First Shall Be Last award.  Hershel Jones, Don Gionet, Matt Peloquin, Jeff Caron and Tony Carpenito (twice!) all completed tee shots that were “Closest to the Pin”.  Thankfully there were no winners of The Burning Bush award (given to any golfer hit by lightning)!

In the end, another tradition remained intact as all of the collected prize money was donated to Saint Mark's!  Our faith, determination and selflessness, prevailed for another great day of golf!

Tony Carpenito - 12 October 2011