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"All Things Are Possible To One Who Believes"

Our New England weather never ceases to bring wonder and excitement to an early season round of golf.  Ten days before our seventh annual spring golf outing, the host course was treated to a freshly-laid, several-inch layer of snow.  This occurred, most appropriately, on April Fool’s Day!  Amused as we were by the divine humor of the situation, we also considered a mass-purchase of neon-colored golf balls for the first tee on April 11.

Long-time area residents know quite well that, with regards to our weather, “If you don’t like it, wait a minute, it will change.”  As a testament to our collective optimism, several linksters started the day wearing their favorite Bermuda shorts and cutoffs … and with sunglasses at the ready!  There were still patches of snow on the course as we began our outing under a dreary overcast sky with a wind chill in the 40’s.  We finished in bright sunshine and temperatures in near-record-high 70’s!  The golfers who braved the early-morning gloom, and were later rewarded with tanned faces and forearms, numbered just short of our highest total ever! 

Many individuals distinguished themselves with impressive, or otherwise memorable, performances and efforts.  Awards were earned for four closest-to-the-pin shots as well the longest drive.  At least two golfers each found nearly twenty lost balls that were neither moving nor their own ... quite likely those lost earlier in the day by other Saint Mark’s golfers!  Some were disappointed to hear that no award was to be given for the “biggest divot”, but the decision had been made in sympathy with the groundskeepers and with understanding of our collective competitive nature … we had indeed excavated quite a few extremely-oversized divots in the past!

The team scramble results were equally impressive, spanning from two-over to fourteen-under-par.  Forty-one birdies and three eagles were hatched during the day’s proceedings and, reportedly, not one club was broken or lost … although some may have gone airborne!

All golfers received sleeves of golf balls imprinted with the words "All Things Are Possible To One Who Believes".  Within each sleeve could be found a page of humorous golf drawings intended to relax and distract the golfers during their respective outdoor adventures.  Also, all were given keepsake bracelets impressed with “G.O.L.F. - God Offers Love and Forgiveness” as well as commemorative inspirational photos containing the words “Thank God for the Game of Golf”.

The golfers’ enduring generosity shined through again as many returned their winnings.  All told, Saint Mark’s received four hundred dollars in total donations from the day!  Sincere thanks to everyone who participated!

Tony Carpenito – 12 April 2011